Manganese ROM Silo - Northern Cape, South Africa

The client approached us to assist with urgent repair work to their ROM silo. They are dumping manganese rock material into the silo. Due to the highly abrasive material, they had extensive damage to the silo walls, to the extent that the structural rebar where damaged. The mine's production could not be stopped and all repair work had to be done while the silo was in production.

Loose rebar was removed, and replaced with new rebar of the same diameter. The damaged wall was reinstated to its original thickness and a 180mm sacrificial liner was applied.

Our client, a platinum producer, had installed a new smelting furnace for their operations, and a layer of shotcrete was applied to the steelwork to give it extra protection in the event of a runout.

Platinum ROM Silo Refurbishment - North West, South Africa

Our most recent project for a platinum producer in the North West province of South Africa is a run-of-mine silo refurbishment. The silo was originally designed for the Merensky reef ore but is now converted into a UG2 product silo. There is also damage to the silo chutes, and silo floor that had to be repaired.

Structural Steel Protection - Lompopo, South Africa